The communication toolkit
for your events.

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Engage with your visitors in real-time and guide them through your event.


Reach your visitors efficiently with customizable proximity campaigns.


Get to know your visitors and their acceptance of your marketing campaigns.

Push Notifications

Real-time connection
to your visitors

At HYPH everything is real-time.
See immediate reactions to your notifications.

Event wide notifications

Send information and updates to everyone that's checked in to lead your visitors.

Scheduled Notifications

Prepare all your notifications beforehand and concentrate on what's really impotant - Your event.

Personal notifications

Reach a subset of the people that checked-in e.g one of your speakers

  • Welcome

    Good to have you around!
    Check in to stay updated and receive exclusive coupons.

Lasting, positive impression

Personalized Greetings
& Coupons

Increase visitor retention with a personalized greeting and coupons.

Say hello to your visitors

Create a greeting that every user will receive upon entering your event venue to welcome and tell them what they need to know right from the start.
Create coupons to influence customer behaviour and either attach them to your greeting or send them out in real-time later.

Stay informed


Gain invaluable insights about your visitors.


See when your visitors check-in and analyze check-in times. See how long they stay.


See what skills your visitors have and tailor your event experience accordingly.


Get anonymized data about the gender, age distribution and other demographic insights.

Use it everywhere


Our software has been developed mobile first and will work on all modern browsers. Regardless whether you prefer working from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

New possibilites for local communication

As a young dynamic startup, HYPH has supported us at this years deGUT with its innovative marketing- and communication platform to make the trade fair even more innovative and to integrate the mobile "Zeitgeist" also on a digital level on site for our entrepreneurial visitors.

PCMA GmbH - responsible partner of the deGUT fair
International Competition

HYPH doesn't need to shy away from international comparison and I would be happy to see their product used more frequently in the future.

Hyph is already in use by these awesome companies & events

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